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Latest Developments

Joggers Park - Behind SMRC Hospital, Chicalim

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Dabolim Mahila Paper Bag Masters

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St. Jacinto Island - Bridge Linking St. Jacinto Island

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Constitutional Offices Held

  • Currently handling the portfolio of Panchayat Ministry - 2017

  • Cabinet Minister and held portfolios of Revenue, Inspectorate Of factories & Boilers, Weights

  • Opposing Land Acquisition by Central Government Agencies of Local People and Communidades

  • Elected as Deputy Speaker of the Fifth Legislative Assembly of the State of Goa

Mauvin Godinho's Quotes

We are a small State with limited land resources. Why are land owned by the locals and the Communidades being targeted in the name of expansion and development. I oppose any such acquisition where the Aam Admi of Goa has no stake.


We need a specific cut-off date to give legal sanctity to encroachers, non-permitted structures. They have equal stake in the progress and running of this State. How can You deny them their just rights?


What are we showcasing here? The Lawmakers, Lawenforcers & Lawbreakers in an unholy alliance of greed begetting Goa a bad name and putting its own people to risk and shame.


Mauvin Godinho – BJP, Goa

Panchayat Minister – Goa, MLA (Dabolim Constituency)

Mauvin Godinho – Dabolim MLA, Goa. An Indian Politician with six term member of Goa Legislative Assembly. Mauvin Godinho has a record of the sorts having been elected to the assembly six times beginning with Cortalim constituency. Now, he wants to dedicate the remaining productive years of his life in service of his people, Goa and Goans. And, he hopes to get a respectable position commensurate with his political and social stature.


Other Developments

Vaddem Lake Beautification

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Sub-District Hospital, Chicalim - Goa

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Panchayat Ghar, Chicalim - Goa

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Mauvin Godinho - A leader with the capacity to translate vision into reality.

leaderA man who stands for moral integrity having imbibed the best value of Christianity and other faiths. Service and brotherhood are the hallmarks of his approach to life. Besides the country’s hallowed tradition of secularism, he feels that Goa’s virtue of communal harmony should be maintained at all costs. One of his rare qualities is that he respects dissent and views of political adversaries on matters pertaining Goa in a true democratic spirit.

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The people of this great Country of a vibrant democracy have vividly shown their astounding support to a game changing decision of demonetization by speaking through the ballot in the recently concluded municipal elections. When Shri Narendra Modiji in his address to the Nation called this gigantic step – a war on the generation of black money and corruption and a meaningful fight against terror and terror funded activities, it was perhaps difficult to comprehend the practical difficulties one would have to face in a vast Country like India, where the banking facilities were lacking, more particularly in the rural areas, notwithstanding the 25 crore Jan Dhan accounts that were specially opened for the poor. A Country as vast as ours with strong fundamentals backed by its citizenry in this important hour of ‘Revolutionary Change’ is sure to change the dynamics of an emerging ‘Super Power’.


Cabinet minister and held portfolios of Industries and Mines,Rural Development and Protocol

Cabinet Minister and Held portfolios of Power, Science & technology, Food & Civil Supplies and protocol

Mauvin's Quotes

Illegal Mining


It is shock & horror watching Goa from the skies. The green Earth is ripped out and mining ore looks like the Earth is bleeding. This mindless greed is gnawing away our Ecology, our Environment.

Medium Of Instruction


Let me and my Child decide what is good for him. We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control as the song goes. Let the Choice to decide education for their children be left to the Parents.

Law & Order


Law should be free of interference had just. There is no their law & our law. Everybody has to be provided security and anyone be liable for investigation freely without fear and favour.

Mauvin Godinho – A man of word

Mauvin Godinho believes in an unorthodox way of putting works in the fast lane. He is not brought down by any consideration of religion.


Grade separator at Dabolim airport


Market at Alto - Dabolim


Sewerage scheme in Dabolim



  • Mauvin Godinho

    “Will live upto the trust that the people of Goa have put on me, till my last breath…not bowing to adversaries”

    Mauvin Godinho - MLA - Dabolim Constituency
  • Mauvin Godinho

    “A leader is the one with the capacity to translate vision into reality”

    Mauvin Godinho - Chairman - SGPDA (South Goa Planning & Development Authority)
  • Mauvin Godinho

    “Let every daughter get educated and progress. Women is an incarnation of Shakti – The goddess of power”

    Mauvin Godinho - MLA -Dabolim Constituency



Our seas are in danger and our coastline is threatened often by mindless development but what is the fault of our Local Fisherman and the Seashore Residents. Those who traditionally have lived on the shores know well to coexist with Mother Nature and the Sea, we have to uphold their interests.

How much is too much for Goa? While hundreds of industrial unit lie defunct, closed and abandoned why are our lands being grabbed in the name of SEZs, why is the very existence of the Local owning these lands threatened.

Dabolim-Cortalim is the Gateway to Goa – by air, by land, by sea. It is so embarrassing that people get to witness the filthy side of Goa. A State-of-Art Waste Treatment/Disposal Plant needs to be created for this region on priority.


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